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* The Minority category includes the following:
  • African American
  • Asian American
  • Hispanic American
  • Multi-Racial American
  • Native American or Alaskan
  • Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander
^ The Other category includes the following:
  • Non-Resident Alien
  • Unknown
Data provided on Faculty and Staff includes only those who are employed in permanent, salaried positions in the Academic Division and includes such employees who are temporarily on leave. Medical Center Staff are not included.

(Faculty = Teaching & Research Faculty)
(Staff = University Staff, Classified Staff, and Administrative & Professional Faculty)
Beginning 2009 changes in IPEDS definition of race and ethnicity were implemented, and many students/faculty/staff who may have listed themselves as African American in the earlier federal collection/reporting methodology are now being counted in the Hispanic or Multi-Race categories. This almost certainly accounts for some of the decline in the numbers of African American students/faculty/staff between 2009 to the present.
Data provided on Faculty and Staff includes only permanent, salaried employees and does not include Medical Center Staff.